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Jan has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and has been evolving since the early days of high impact aerobics (before there was aerobic shoes!)

Her love of dance, movement, yoga and rhythmic body sculpting has led her to the world of Contrology Training. For seven years she trained under the direction of two of the most influential leaders in the Contrology/Pilates world today.

Through Jan’s extensive training in Kinesiology, Physiology and Neuromuscular Therapy at Arizona State University, she has developed highly effective training methods. She combines her knowledge and skills of movement applications with her intuitive spirit. This creates a cohesive recipe that allows her to work closely with each client. Client's enjoy Jan's personalized programs, nutritional counseling, and cardiovascular and Pilates training (just read the testimonials!)

Jan's intuitivenss and empathy comes from her personal experience with multiple injuries. After numerous surgeries due to a serious injury to her neck and back, she believes that the experience was a gift. Her extensive training helped her regain full movement, strength and flexibility, which gave her the chance to continue on in her energetic and active life. As well as devoting her gift to helping others with similar injuries.

With a gift of understanding an individuals desire to live a healthier life, and her creative enthusiasm, Jan helps each client reach their goals.


You will never get bored! You will always be learning more and more about YOUR body and love the Journey!"-Jan Baker


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