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Bev Lost 29” & 14lbs.
When I started working out with Jan I was out of shape, tired all the time and lacked motivation. However, after I spoke to Jan and saw what great shape she is in, I figured she would be able to motivate me to get into shape. Now after working with Jan on my exercise, food choices, I am most excited about the fact that I can actually say “I love to exercise now!” 

I am healthy, feel great, and have a positive outlook on life and have lost several dress sizes. The way I plan to continue this journey is to  surround myself with only positive people who will lift me up, and who will encourage, motivate and support me in my exercise program. Invest in Pilates classes which will do wonders for your body and in the process will improve your mind and change your outlook on life. Start the year off with a BANG and get going! YOU CAN DO IT!! 



Cynde Lost 11½” & 7 lbs. in 2 months!!
I am a grandmother with rheumatoid arthritis. My doctor recommended that I do Pilates to gain strength, flexibility and balance. When my husband was taking physical therapy, he discovered Fitness Fusion. Jan graciously agreed to take me on. She did a great job getting me started. She created a notebook for me and planned my workouts for the summer while I was in NY. When I came back she fit me right in the schedule.

Jan has done a great job varying the workouts so I keep being inspired. I enjoy working in the small group sessions and the workouts constantly change, keeping me challenged.Fitness Fusion keeps it fun and I love the encouraging words... who doesn’t?



Cynthia Lost 20½”  10 lbs in 2 months
Jan has given me such an awesome gift and I have learned so much from her. When I first sat down with Jan we discussed my goals.

Goal #1 was to loose weight. I had lost weight in the past but had gradually put some back on. 

Goal #2 was that I wanted to be eating healthy again. Jan helped me to create an eating program that would work best for me.

My last goal was to exercise 4-5 times a week. Working out with Jan has helped with that! Jan is a great motivator. “I wanted to loose weight and keep it off this time. Jan at Fitness Fusion helped me create an eating program that was best for me. I started working out 4 to 5 times a week and learned about pilates and core exercises good for my body style and shape. I’ve lost 20½ inches and 10 pounds in 2 months! I love how I look and feel.”



Danielle Lost 21½” & 14 lbs.
Yoga classes and wanted to try pilates at Pilates ConneXion. Working out with Jan at Pilates ConneXion made it fun. To meet my goals, Jan gave me suggestions about healthy eating and keeping a food diary. Upon following her suggestions, I started seeing results and feeling better.

The best thing about acheiving my goals was that I love knowing that I am doing something good for myself. Learning ways to relieve stress, focus your energy and getting healthy all at the same time. Plus, working out with a wonderful group of people makes it easier. If you want to do something good for yourself, find a workout you love and COMMIT yourself to it. You will feel so good about yourself!!!!



Donna Lost Half Her Size!
I did not want to turn the age of 50, unfit and FAT! Being of short stature, I could put on a pound and it feels and looks like five! I no longer have the “large clothes” in my closet to fall back on.

“The most exciting aspect of my transformation is that I can now go to my closet with confidence that no matter what I choose to wear it will fit great! I am happy to report that I have reached my goal before I turned 50!!!!!”



Gina Lost 19” & 25lbs
In May of 2007, I had a sports related injury which had forced me to become inactive. Fitness Fusion is better than having a personal trainer because Jan monitors and adjusts the workout to my needs as well as providing encouragement to keep me motivated.

My injury had caused weight gain and loss of strength and flexibility, which I now have regained including fabulous balance. Jan’s sense of humor makes for a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Fitness Fusionhelped me to understand the importance of eating well and exercise. Thanks Jan



Fit Challenge Winner - JenniferLost 40½” & 24 lbs.
After the birth of my daughter in 2006, I made many excuses as to why I hadn’t reclaimed the pre-baby body. I recognized that I needed professional assistance. I needed to be accountable to an experienced and knowledgeable expert. I decided to surrender and accept Jan’s instruction in full.

Commitment was the key! Be aware of your inner dialogue. Do not accept an endless barrage of self criticism. Remind yourself of other great accomplishments you have had in your life, and you will obtain your health and fitness goals.



"I have been with Jan on and off for the past 5 years.  I began when I was pregnant with my third child. Jan's pilates training method helped me throughout my pregnancy; I felt better, stronger more energy than any of the other pregnancies and my delivery went much more smoothly. I took a break and have recently returned to PC(now Fitness Fusion) after bringing my fourth child into the world. In 8 weeks, I lost 10 lbs. and from a size 8 to a size 6! I feel great and love to workout with all the fabulous trainers Jan has trained! They are all positive, gracious and educated.  I always feel uplifted and energetic after my training time.

 Many thanks to Jan & her Team!  I recommend Fitness Fusion to all women pregnant, post and pre-pregnancy.  You will not believe how good you feel and the stamina your
body will get!  I give Jan & FF 5 stars".



Going to pilates and having someone as great as Jan pushing me and wanting the best for me has been a wonderful experience. Even though there were many times I wanted to give up, I had to focus on my goal and wanting to feel and look better. Also, getting blood work and learning that my iron was low and thyroid was sluggish really helped me with my energy. 

I’ve learned that loosing weight will not happen over night and I have to work hard to get the results I want. I have always had a weight issue. Now, that I am learning all the right things to do with eating.


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